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EnduroGuard Mudguard Standard, vert

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Rapid Racer Products EnduroGuard Mudguard Standard, vert

The new ENDUROGUARD v4 mudguard is an improved design which is much better at coping with the bigger wheel sizes, RRP believe the mudguard is the best designed offering by far the best protection of its type for your eyes and fork seals. They have also added new graphics and colourways to their range.

The ENDUROGUARD is compatible with all wheel sizes and all tyres up to 3"

The unique Seal Guard bulge has been refined to offer additional protection for your seals against the relentless attack from spray and mud without affecting the fit or aesthetics, you will be grateful for this feature on those extremely wet rides prolonging the life of your fork seals. The Seal Guard has received multiple acclaims for its essential function and is unique to RRP

The ENDUROGUARD is designed as a FRONT or REAR mudguard and has been specifically adapted to do both jobs extremely well

The ENDUROGUARD v4 is fully BOOST compatible and now also includes snap-off holes for reverse arch forks like DVO / Manitou

You have a choice of snap-off holes for the front fork brace, narrow holes for normal forks and if needed wider holes for BOOST forks

The v4 also comes with a turn-down spray flap, fold this down 90 degrees for even more protection from mud and spray, this can be almost touching the tyre as it will move out of the way if thick mud hits it

The 'T' shape clamping points on the arms are designed to wrap around the fork leg providing a better and neater fit. The front of the mudguard is designed to offer increased protection for higher speeds without spoiling the look of the mudguard. The wider curve with flat rear end offers maximum protection and frame clearance compared to a simple symmetrical curve

The holes for the fork brace aren't ideally located when using it as a rear mudguard, so they built in two snap-off holes to allow you to rotate the guard forward and attach it to the brace between the rear stays, this feature creates more mud / tyre clearance and a much better fit.

RRP took a more expensive route opting for a custom thickness of polypropylene to meet their requirements, they felt the standard "off the shelf" options used by others were either too thick (1.2mic) or too thin (0.8mic), the custom material sits squarely in-between. This allows them to offer the best of both worlds, the durability and quality feel that a thicker material gives, combined with the fit flexibility that a thinner material delivers


  • Pour les fourches suspendues avec un débattement de 80 à 125 mm


Tout-terrain / Débutant, Randonnée / Cross Country, Marathon / XC, VTT / Trail
Garde-boue avant, Garde-boue arrière
Usage prévu
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Construction: Serre-câbleTaille de roues compatible: 29'', 27,5'', 26''
Avt: 35 g
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